DayTradeToWin Accelerated Mentorship Reviews: Full Coaching Program

What would you do to become a professional trader? Would you spend years and thousands of dollars on making mistakes in the market? Would you take your chances with day trading companies that promise you the moon and have no history of success?’s fully comprehensive coaching program called Accelerated Mentorship is designed to help you realize your trading potential. Too many so-called gurus and experts rely on analysis so technical that it makes you wonder if they can even understand it. In fact, they may use the complexity as a shield, “Trust us, it will make perfect sense once you join our trading room.” Then after you spent thousands, you realize you’ve been following someone else’s interpretation and you’re no better off. Accelerated Mentorship is different because you’re taught how to find the trades on your own. Furthermore, it’s objective – the streamlined rules tell you whether or not a trade is present. If there’s too much risk, then you stay out. You only enter under ideal conditions based on the proof that is provided by market movement (or price action). Accelerated Mentorship can begin at any time. All of the courses and software are included, which is a great value. The easy-to-follow approach and accessibility during and after the training make this one of the best courses out there. It comes highly recommended.

Mentorship training is provided via a library of 20+ training videos followed by continuous live training, twice a week. Payment in full provides access to all of the content. A 2x payment option is also available. The support team assists with providing access to the NinjaTrader trading platform as well as live data. In fact, they can set you up with a full practice environment that you can use throughout the training. All courses and software are provided with Lifetime licenses. It’s a great deal, considering what the cost would be for purchasing each item individually, the fact that you can’t get some of the methods standalone like the Roadmap, and you’re getting an instructor’s personal attention twice weekly. Many traders opt for paying in full in order to get access to all of the material right away. The goal of the program is to make you a consistently successful, independent trader. Unlike trading rooms or complicated trading systems, they want you to be able to trade on your own without having to rely on accessing a room, subscriptions, or doing complex calculations. New and experienced traders alike have raved about the training.

Day Trade to Win’s Accelerated Mentorship is a self-paced education in which a video libarry, dedicated support, and a live trading coach answers questions and refunes understanding of all included trading methods. In total, students are provided about 13 strategies as follows:

  • ATO (At the Open)
  • Price Action Scalping
  • Trade Scalper
  • Atlas Line
  • X-5 (Floor Trader Secrets Manual)
  • Roadmap
  • Blueprint
  • Yo-Yo
  • Stair Step
  • ABC
  • Filtering Trades
  • Manipulation
  • Trading the News

All of these strategies are based on price action. Price action is simply how price moves on a day trading chart. Whereas many strategies by other vendors use sophisticated algorithms or rigid models, price action means that you’re trading based on what’s directly in front of you – price. The market “tells you” what’s possible – whether a trade is present, how much to risk, where to place your profit target, and your stop loss.

Another important point – Accelerated Mentorship is not a trading room. Instead of students blindly following a trader, an instructor is teaching you using real-time charts, recent day charts, and explaining what he’s looking for and what he would do in various situations. He’s teaching you the exact rules of every strategy so you can find the trades and manage them on your own. His goal is to make you an independent trader.

Lesson Plan

Lesson 1 – Getting to Know Your Member Account

Your Member account is where it all starts with learning how to install and navigate the courses and software. Learn how to install the charting platform, add a data feed, install and license the included DayTradeToWin indicators, and more.

Lesson 2 – The Foundational Basics of Trading

Learn about the right computer and equipment. Then you’ll dive deeper into understanding the basics of price action charting, including using candlesticks and different charting styles. Learn all about brokers and fees, including the importance of trading margin. Learn about the differences between day trading and overnight trading sessions. Price values and terms such as ticks and points are explained along with the significance of making money and losing money.

Lesson 3 – Chart Configuration

Specific configurations are outlined with details using templates, drawing tools, and more. Placing trades and using the Chart Trader and DOM are explained. Different orders are explained to know when to use a stop order, Limit order, or MIT order. Additional configurations are outlined for the DOM and the ATM Strategy. You also learn what it means to practice in Market Replay and the importance of rolling over to the next contract month when trading.

Setup & Support Review

During this phase of the program, we encourage you to practice navigating the charting software on your own. Don’t worry if you get stuck. We’re here to help. At any time, if you need support or have questions, we are only an email away. Remote support is also included and available at no cost to you.

Lesson 4 – At the Open (ATO 2)

The ATO 2 method is provided to help you take advantage of the initial move or moves the market makes at the beginning of the session. The start of the market brings many opportunities. The At the Open 2 method teaches traders exactly what to do with specific entries and exits. In addition, traders learn the Chase the Trade technique, which often occurs during fast or volatile markets. Both the ATO 2 and Trade Chaser are taught. The ATO 2 software provides both signals.

Lesson 5 – Price Action Scalping

Learn this unique scalping method using tick charts. Don’t worry if you’ve never used tick charts, as the instructor explains everything you need to know about them and how to scalp the E-mini market. Software is also provided but not required. This method is a counter-trend method, which doesn’t follow the trend, but instead teaches you first how to identify a trend in order to find the specific price point to counter it. Often times, traders enter late or after the move has begun. That’s never a good idea. The premise behind this scalping method is to counter the trend using very specific rules that utilize price action and psychology that is inherent to the market’s design.

Lesson 6 – Blueprint

This method is the main strategy that was formerly taught in our Power Price Action course. The Blueprint can be used on nearly any market and time frame. Put those moving averages and Japanese candlestick interpretations away – you won’t find that here. The signals give you exact entries, long and short, multiple times per day. Plenty of opportunities. Entirely price action based.

Lesson 7 – Trade Scalper

The Trade Scalper identifies market breakout patterns utilizing 1-min and range charts. This highly sought after scalping strategy can be used with futures, stocks, and other markets. We also include the Trade Scalper software for NinjaTrader that identifies the trades automatically. You will learn two setups as well as the precise rules to identify and manage each trade.

Lesson 8 – Roadmap

The Roadmap is one of the most important you’ll learn in the Mentorship training. No trader should ever jump into the market without understanding this strategy and how to take advantage of manipulation. All markets are manipulated, but if you understand the how, where, and why of manipulation, you will have the upper hand. Why get continually run over by the big boys of trading? Instead, you’ll be able to anticipate potential areas of manipulation in advance. You’ll know where to stay away from as to not get swallowed up. This is as close to a crystal ball as you’ll get in trading. It’s hard to believe, but the Roadmap may make or break any trade. You also learn how to find and enter trades based on manipulation. We include software for NinjaTrader that visually outlines key levels. Join the select few who understand how to capitalize on manipulation and don’t get caught trading without it again!

Lesson 9 – Atlas Line

Ready for the powerful Atlas Line software? Every day, count on at least one Atlas Line main signal, which produces a buffer indicating long or short trades based on price action. Once price moves through the line, watch where the candles close to determine the main entry (long or short). The Strength and Pullback signals provide additional opportunities during trending conditions. You will learn the exact rules for placing your profit target and stop loss. The Atlas Line is often coupled with our other strategies for additional confirmation on anticipated market direction. Remember, you receive a Lifetime License for the Atlas Line, just like all of our other strategies.

Lesson 10 – X-5

Week six gives you access to the X-5 method. Once used as a secret weapon by floor traders to manipulate the markets, the pattern still exists and is used by professionals who have moved to the fast-paced world of electronic trading. Now is your chance to turn the tables and have manipulation work for you; not against you.

Lesson 11 – January Effect+

There is a highly accurate price action strategy based on how the E-mini performs during the month of January for any given year. You’ll be able to recognize if the current year is an up-year or a down-year and how to take specific trades based on this overall trend. There are two ways to trade the January Effect and you’ll be learning both. This can be used intraday or for larger swing moves.

Lesson 12 – Trading the News

It’s wise to stay away from trading during volatile news event periods, but what if you want to trade? Is there a price action pattern that works? Yes, and you will be learning it in this lesson. After the initial rush has subsided, you’re taught how to find a specific entry. With many scheduled news happening many times a week, this is another method you can rely on.

Lesson 13 – Trailing Stops

Trailing stops allow you to lock in gains. Many traders do not use trailing stops or use them incorrectly. Successful trading is about minimizing loss as much as finding winners. Trailing stops are a powerful risk management strategy you can use with many of the methods you’ll be learning.

Lesson 14 – ABC Method

Want to find opportunities in the afternoon? The ABC indicator software plots entry signals according to the ABC Method. The vertical lines and shaded regions make it easy to identify the A, B, and C periods. Expect signals in periods B and C providing a breakout occurs compared to the previous price levels.

Lesson 15 – Testing, Practice, and Review

This is where it all comes together. You now have all the tools required for success. Let’s add the final pieces to form one large system. Let’s see what trades can be filtered out and which ones can be confirmed. Let’s look at managing risk and trading objectively. Trading is not easy, but knowing what to expect when trading live is what Mentorship is all about. This lesson is about putting it all together to form one complete plan for consistent, independent trading.

What’s Next?

After you’ve gone through all of the lessons and have practiced, you’re welcome to join the live training room where you can ask trading questions and see examples. The lessons are twice a week and open-format in nature, focusing on what you and other students want to know. Also, you can email us at any time with your trading questions. Support and license updates are included with no additional fees of any kind. You can continue accessing the training videos whenever you want.
Day Trade to Win Review by Sandy C.

There are two types of Accelerated Mentorship: Group and Individual

Group Accelerated Mentorship can begin at any time. With payment, you get Member access to the Individual Mentorship area. This gives you access to the downloads, instructions, training videos, and live training. After reviewing all the videos and practicing, you’re invited to attend the 2x a week live classes. You’ll be able to review what you’ve learned, fill in any gaps, improve your understanding, and ask questions. All courses and software are provided with lifetime licenses.

Individual Accelerated Mentorship can begin at any time. Pick a time you are available twice a week for an hour each time and the coach will check his schedule. You can then meet at the agreed time. You’ll get the same materials as with the Group program. Another advantage of this Individual program is that you can communicate with the coach directly. Many traders prefer speaking over typing. All courses and software are provided with lifetime licenses. Also, each training session is recorded. Long after the training, you can log in to the Member’s area, access the Individual Mentorship section, and replay your unique recordings.

Discounted pricing is available for Mentorship paid in full.

Even after you complete the training, you can still ask questions via email. If at any time you need assistance installing the software, his support staff can usually log in to put the indicators and courses on your computer.

There are a number of video and written testimonials on Day Trade to Win’s website. Here’s one that really stand out:

First I want to thank you for teaching this great DTTW Mentoring course. It has exceeded my expectations. I appreciate your realistic approach. You’ve covered everything…managing risk, choosing and managing trades, all your signals, etc. Many in this industry talk a big hype story that is unrealistic, misleading, and annoying. But your approach is perfect…matter of fact.

And another:

I am very pleased with John Paul’s Day Trade To Win. Over the last year and more I’ve considered many other mentorships. But John Paul’s methods of price action trump all others. I will study and practice all of the methods taught in this Mentorship. I’ve learned more about trading than I thought.

DayTradeToWin Trading School Review by Babak

In conclusion, there are very few online day trading courses as comprehensive as what Day Trade to Win provides with Accelerated Mentorship. With all of the courses and software involved, it’s a great value. An investment in trading education pays off for many, as the markets can easily set traders back who are unprepared. John Paul and other DTTW instructors seem to be committed to helping traders find consistent success in the markets.

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