Reviews: Trading Courses & Software

If you’re looking to improve your trading results, you have many choices. There are thousands of vendors pushing products that claim to provide profitable results. Is there any truth to these claims? Day Trade to Win, a company that sells day trading courses and software, has been in the industry since the mid-2000s. It’s time we take a look at each of their products (Mentorship, Atlas Line®, Trade Scalper, and Power Price Action) to see if they’re any good.

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Each option includes live training, at least one training video, remote support for installation, and email support.

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DayTradeToWin 8-Week Mentorship
  • Next class begins soon!
  • Complete package designed to help you become a pro trader
  • All courses & software included (10+ strategies)
  • Training is 2x week on a schedule
  • Classes are recorded for future playback
  • Free software updates included
  • Free email support included
  • Market focus is E-mini S&P 500, futures, currencies, & stocks
  • Register for Mentorship at
DayTradeToWin Atlas Line
  • Atlas Line software is for NinjaTrader 8
  • Instructions, download, & video are provided after purchase
  • Live training provided
  • Free email support included
  • Free email support included
  • Market focus is E-mini S&P 500, futures, currencies, and other fast markets open throughout day/night
  • 6-Month License: $599
  • Lifetime License: $1,799
  • Get the Atlas Line at
DayTradeToWin 8-Week Mentorship
  • Focus is price action soon after the market opens
  • Go for multiple points every day; finish before noon
  • Flagship method (what put DayTradeToWin) on the map
  • Signal indicator provides clear entry signals
  • Buy (long) and sell (short) signals provided
  • Additional “Chaser” signals provided
  • Bonus “How to Trail a Stop” & ABC Software
  • Free email support included
  • Get the ATO 2 at
DayTradeToWin Atlas Line
  • Focus is many fast trades, in-and-out, for building wins
  • Trade Scalper signal software plots clear entry signals
  • Included video, digital course, and live training
  • Bonus news indicator: see news on your charts
  • Bonus X-5 method for Lifetime clients
  • Free email support included
  • 6-Month License: $597
  • Lifetime License: $1,797
  • Get the Trade Scalper at
DayTradeToWin Autopilot
  • Focuses on specific periods of the day
  • Designed to hold on to the big moves
  • Designed to limit the time/exposure in each trade
  • Targets and stops can be independently configured
  • Compatible with today’s volatile conditions
  • Uses break-even to limit losses
  • Autopilot Monthly: $499
  • Lifetime Special: $3,900
  • Get the Autopilot at