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DayTradeToWin Mentorship Reviews: 8-Week Coaching Program

Kevin Marshall

The next Group Mentorship class is January 31, 2019 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST. What would you do to become a professional trader? Would you spend years and thousands of dollars on making mistakes in the market? Would you take your chances with day trading companies that promise you the moon and have no history of success? DayTradeToWin.com's eight-week coaching program called Mentorship is designed to help you realize your trading potential. Too many so-called gurus and experts rely on analysis so technical that it makes you wonder if they can even understand it. In fact, they may use the complexity as a shield, "Trust us, it will make perfect sense once you join our trading room." Then after you spent thousands, you realize you've been following someone elses intepretation and you're no better off. Mentorship is different because you're taught how to find the trades on your own. Furthermore, it's objective – the streamlined rules tell you whether or not a trade is present. If there's too much risk, then you stay out. You only enter under ideal conditions based on the proof that is provided by market movement (or price action). New Group Mentorship classes begin every month. All of the courses and software are included, which is a great value. The easy-to-follow approach and accessibility during and after the training make this one of the best courses out there. It comes highly recommended.

Mentorship training is eight weeks in duration, twice a week. Early registration provides you with the ATO (At the Open) course and software ahead of time. The support team assists with providing access to the NinjaTrader trading platform as well as live data. In fact, they can set you up with a full practice environment that you can use throughout the training. All courses and software are provided with lifetime licenses. It's a great deal, considering what the cost would be for purchasing each item individiually, the fact that you can't get some of the methods standalone like the Roadmap, and you're getting an instructor's personal attention twice weekly. Many traders opt for paying in full in order to get access to all of the material right away. The goal of the program is to make you a consistently successful, independent trader. Unlike trading rooms or complicated trading systems, they want you to be able to trade on your own without having to rely on accessing a room, subcriptions, or doing complex calculations. New and experienced traders alike have raved about the training.

Day Trade to Win's Mentorship Program is an eight-week coaching program in which a trading coach personally mentors students on all of his trading methods. In total, students are provided about 13 strategies as follows:

All of these strategies are based on price action. Price action is simply how price moves on a day trading chart. Whereas many strategies by other vendors use sophisticated algorithms or rigid models, price action means that you're trading based on what's directly in front of you – price. The market "tells you" what's possible – whether a trade is present, how much to risk, where to place your profit target, and your stop loss.

Another important point – Mentorship is not a trading room. Instead of students blindly following a trader, an instructor is teaching you using real-time charts, recent day charts, and explaining what he's looking for and what he would do in various situations. He's teaching you the exact rules of every strategy so you can find the trades and manage them on your own. His goal is to make you an independent trader.

New Material Each Week

Week 1

Two classes, an hour each
At the Open (ATO) – the first day of training starts with the first day trading course ever offered by DayTradeToWin.com, the ATO. In the morning when the market opens, there is a common price pattern that emerges. By knowing where to look and the rules for placing each trade, you'll have an advantage over other traders. The Chase the Trade technique helps grab hold of trades during periods of volatility. The included ATO software provides signals for both setups.

Week 2

Two classes, an hour each
Price Action Scalping – use tick charts to scalp the E-mini, finding exact entries and holding on to each trade for several minutes. All trades here are counter-trend, meaning they go against trends. You need to think differently than other traders to be successful. Knowing how to win countering moves will give you an edge. You'll learn how to get in early before the move is over. The included but optional software draws lines to help identify price levels.
Blueprint – the main strategy taught in Power Price Action, the Blueprint is purely based on price action – no indicators. Futures, stocks, and other types of markets are supported. This is not traditional candlestick interpretations. You'll learn multiple patterns to identify a unique setup and where to place your profit targets and stop losses. The Primary Line and Secondary Line will guide your trading while you avoid false breakouts and overbought/sold conditions.

Week 3

Two classes, an hour each
The Trade Scalper (ATO) – Use 1-min charts to find multiple scalping opportunities. You'll know exactly what qualifies as a breakout and what to use for a profit target and stop loss. Many Mentorship students consider this method one of their favorites, as it works with futures, stocks, and other markets. The Trade Scalper software plots entry signals that tell you exactly when to enter. The lines tell you when a trade is about to occur. Of course, you can use it without the software.

Week 4

Two classes, an hour each
Roadmap – the one setup to rule them all. The Roadmap is so powerful, it can override any of the other methods in the eight weeks of training. You'll learn about a few very specific price patterns that nearly all traders miss. Big traders who manipulate the markets use this pattern for manipulation. The included software draws the manipulation levels, so you can watch when price gets close. Exact entry rules are taught. It's time to have the upper hand!

Week 5

Two classes, an hour each
Atlas Line® – one of our most popular solutions, the Atlas Line® plots entry signals on your charts ahead of the big moves. The Dbl Bar Long and Short trades combined with the Strength and Pullback signals are seen in many of our trading videos. The dashed line provides an indication of when a trade is about to occur. Look for two closes on either side, then a Dbl Bar signal will appear. The Strength and Pullbacks are great for trends. A favorite among our students.

Week 6

Two classes, an hour each
X-5 – learn a strategy once used by floor traders on the world's exchanges to manipulate the markets. Variations of this same strategy are used today by traders who have moved on to offices near the exchange and high frequency trading. This method has been adapted to work for retail traders, like you, who want an edge instead of being pushed aside by the big guys. You'll learn how to spot manipulation and have it work for you; not against you.

Week 7

One class for an hour
Trading the News, Trailing Stops, ABC Method, & Review – it's time to review all of the trading methods you've been taught thus far and understand how they work together to form a cohesive trading plan. Is the day expected to trend? When do you use a trailing stop? How do you prevent getting stopped out early? How do you handle planned and unexpected news events? Should we trade the end of the day like the beginning of the day? It all becomes clear this week.

Week 8

One class for an hour
Testing, Practice & Review – The final week ensures your future success. Bring your trading questions and observations from recent days to go over in detail. The instructor will make sure you are following the plan exactly as taught. You'll be filtering trades, managing risk, and trading objectively. The coach wants to make sure you can do it all on your own. Multiple days are reviewed to make sure you followed all the steps. It's time to be an independent and successful trader!


Here's what's next – if you have any trading questions, the coach is only an email away. Many traders like to send screenshots of more challenging days to make sure they are implementing the strategies correctly. If you get a new computer, license updates are included. New versions of the software are provided free of charge. Watch the recordings whenever you want, even in the future, to refresh your memory.

There are two types of Mentorship: Group and Individual

Group Mentorship classes begin just about every month. In real-time, you can see his charts and hear him talk as he explains everything. You type your questions into the room. Classes are twice a week and typically in the afternoon, US/Eastern time. The total cost for Group is currently $3,900, paid for by an initial $500 deposit then two payments of $1,700. The first of the $1,700 payments is billed on the first day of class. The second payment is billed 30 days later. All courses and software are provided with lifetime licenses.

Individual Mentorship can begin at any time. Pick a time you are available twice a week for an hour each time and the coach will check his schedule. You can then meet at the agreed time. Besides customizable scheduling, another advantage is that you can communicate with the coach directly. Many traders prefer speaking over typing. All courses and software are provided with lifetime licenses.

Discounted pricing is available for Mentorship paid in full.

Also, each training session is recorded. You can always log into the Day Trade to Win website and replay the recordings to review the strategies.

After the eight weeks is over, a coach will still help you and answer questions via email. If at any time you need assistance installing the software, his support staff can usually log in to put the indicators and courses on your computer.

There are a number of video and written testimonials on Day Trade to Win's website. Here's one that really stand out:

First I want to thank you for teaching this great DTTW Mentoring course. It has exceeded my expectations. I appreciate your realistic approach. You’ve covered everything…managing risk, choosing and managing trades, all your signals, etc. Many in this industry talk a big hype story that is unrealistic, misleading, and annoying. But your approach is perfect…matter of fact.

And another:

I am very pleased with John Paul's Day Trade To Win. Over the last year and more I've considered many other mentorships. But John Paul's methods of price action trump all others. I will study and practice all of the methods taught in this Mentorship. I've learned more about trading than I thought.

In conclusion, there are very few online day trading courses as comprehensive as what Day Trade to Win provides in eight weeks. With all of the courses and software provided, it's a great value. An investment in trading education pays off for many, as the markets can easily set traders back who are unprepared. John Paul seems to be committed to helping traders find consistent success in the markets.

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DayTradeToWin.com Mentorship Reviews

H. W., a verified buyer since November, 2009, says:
"DayTradeToWin strategies are great. They are easy and uncomplicated and one does not need an over cluttered chart to trade. I have always found the support from the DayTradeToWin team is fantastic and help is never far away. My queries have always been answered quickly and John Paul is an excellent coach. I would recommend DayTradeToWin to any trader who's whole theme is to keep trading simple and to always have rules to trade by."
Markets traded: E-mini
Strategies used: ATO, Trade Scalper, Atlas Line, ABC
G. B., a verified buyer since February, 2017, says:
"Must use indicators within trends. No matter how easy it seems to have just a small loss..."
Markets traded: E-mini
Strategies used: ATO, Atlas Line, Trade Scalper, Multilines, ABC, Roadmap
Z. D., a verified buyer since May, 2011, says:
"Definitively logical, simple great tools. I use mainly the Trade Scalper, Atlas Line, and ATO. IT is great not only for trading price action. It is mainly an excellent tool to develop consistency, which is what most of the traders around are missing. Very well-conceived and smart tools to use."
Markets traded: ES, CL, 6E
Strategies used: Atlas Line, ATO, Trade Scalper, etc.
R. C., a verified buyer since January, 2015, says:
"As a past student of the mentoring program, you will learn every thing you need to know regarding price action, no lagging indicators, no BS. John Paul is a great mentor. He'll explain all his strategies in detail step by step. Anybody can do this as long as you put your mind and time towards it, and you will achieve your goals. Day Trade To Win and the support team really are phenomenal."
Markets traded: Futures
Strategies used: All products
N. R., a verified buyer since December, 2013, says:
"Your Mentorship Program is amazing. The course is great and well taught. Your support team is excellent."
Markets traded: ES, CL, NQ, GC
Strategies used: All indicators (ATO, Atlas Line, X-5, Trade Scalper)
M. S., a verified buyer since February, 2017, says:
"Easy to use"
Markets traded: E-mini S&P
Strategies used: All of the software purchased
J. S., a verified buyer since January, 2017, says:
"With the material learned from John Paul, you are able to trade very disciplined and rules-based so emotions are taken out of the equation. It was also important to me to learn to trade indicator-free using nothing but price action. John Paul teaches this. Although you do receive indicators, everything you are taught you can manually do, but the indicators help so you can scan different charts without having to manually (babysit) a chart. This way, you can spend more time looking for the best trades. You will have losers as nothing is 100%, but with DayTradeToWin, you can be more consistent and profitable. Some trades are better than others, as you will learn, and I like taking higher probability trades over others. Trading psychology is very hard for every trader that is why it is important to have a rules-based trading program like what is taught at DayTradeToWin."
Markets traded: E-mini S&P 500
Strategies used: All indicators included in the Mentorship Program including the news indicator.
J. C., a verified buyer since February, 2013, says:
"DayTradeToWin has been the most consistent applicable tools and techniques that I have used in all my years of trading. The principles taught stay consistent over time. I took the Mentorship Program in February of 2013 and today is April 2017, even this week, the principles are successful!! The only struggle is my own personal trading habits and thinking. This why I stay current with your classes John Paul. Also is why I am upgrading the tools to NinjaTrader 8, which is a nice platform. Thank you for your continued education and amazing commitment to trading education."
Markets traded: ES
Strategies used: All the Mentorship indicators
D. G., a verified buyer since July, 2016, says:
"DayTradeToWin has helped me become a consistent trader. I am now growing my account to one day live off trading."
Markets traded: E-mini
Strategies used: Everything in Mentorship
K. O., a verified buyer since February, 2017, says:
"I already have a great deal of confidence in these strategies! I am still a new student though...."
Markets traded: ES
Strategies used: All of them. I am a Mentorship student.
M. M., a verified buyer since April, 2017, says:
"None to share yet."
Markets traded: ES
Strategies used: All (I am currently in Mentorship with John Paul)
T. L., a verified buyer since November, 2014, says:
"The Day Trade To Win program is I think appropriate for all levels of traders, from new to experienced. John Paul is an excellent instructor and his staff is outstanding!"
Markets traded: Futures (ES, NQ, YM, CL etc.)
Strategies used: The full suite of indicators included in the Mentorship Program.
B. P., a verified buyer since March, 2016, says:
"GO buy all courses (package), you will not regret it!"
Markets traded: E-mini
Strategies used: All