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DayTradeToWin Power Price Action Reviews: No More Indicators

Kevin Marshall

Day Trade to Win's Power Price Action is a trading course that's mailed to you. It contains four DVDs, a color training workbook, the bonus X-5 course (aka the Floor Trader Secrets Manual), eight weeks of live training, email support, and remote support for installation.

What makes it different than the other products? For starters, this package is all about teaching price action techniques that do not rely on any software. You're taught about four different patterns designed to improve results:

Price action means using only price movement to determine whether or not a trade is present.

On the DVDs, John Paul uses a slideshow approach to provide an overall understanding of the markets. He touches on the concepts of price action, market manipulation, chart configuration, filtering, and much more. The clear star of the show is the Blueprint method, and it's what John Paul spends most of his time on. This makes sense – it's what will provide you with the most consistent entry signals throughout the day. The Blueprint strategy is not difficult to understand. Chances are, you will start seeing the pattern right away. However, you will need to spend a few days to a few weeks practicing and mastering all of the techniques. The goal is to make this price action approach second nature. The only way to do this is by placing trades yourself.

The folks at Day Trade to Win are able to provide a full practice environment using NinjaTrader. If needed, they can perform remote assistance to help install the NinjaTrader platform. They also can help get you live data so that you can paper trade (practice trade) futures as though you're using real money. Although there are some differences between this live demo trading versus true live money trading, this experience is invaluable. Using the CQG or NinjaTrader Continuum feed is about as close as you can get without any risk.

The color workbook is full of full-page charts and explanations that really drive home the method.

Once you've gone through the DVDs, you're expected to attend the eight weeks of live training. Remember, you did not purchase Mentorship. The Power Price Action training is only once a week and covers the four or so strategies on the DVDs. In comparison, Mentorship is twice a week and covers well over 10 strategies. Mentorship goes far beyond Power Price Action. That said, the price action training provided here will ensure that you fully understand each strategy. John Paul shows you the setups and how to take them for the current day, recent days, and ties it all together.

The cost of Power Price Action is $995. Unlike other trading methods, you can use this price action trading strategy on stocks. Forex markets are also compatible. In addition, the course serves as a great introduction to trading in general, and certainly price action. The included ABC software is only provided for NinjaTrader at this time. Still, if you're looking to better your trading through a clear set of objective rules and minimal indicator use, Power Price Action is the way to go.

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